Sunday, March 25, 2007 is everybody?

If you've been following this website these past few months, you've noticed I've virtually disappeared off the face of the internet. I'm okay, but I'm going through a process of "creative recovery". I've had some pretty bad events happen to me in the past few months and it's definitely interfered with my ability to consistently update this comic....much less actually do one. I wanted it NOT to interfere, but sometimes you don't get your way...

Niece Web will definitely not die, but it just won't be on a consistent update schedule anymore. My life prevents that. I'm going to treat the comic more like a leisurely hobby rather than a labour of love. I'm sorry for such a drastic change of pace. I just ask that you guys just check the site like once in a blue moon for a new comic, instead of every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. In the mean time, there's other great comics out there that update regulary to satisfy your interests...and this comic to satisfy your interests once in a while, haha.

But to leave you all on a good note, I am working on a special project for Niece Web. I'm going to unleash upon you a multiple page story starring Dark Spider and the nieces. Just think about it...a whole story not interrupted by a serialized update schedule. I'm loving it already. I'm in the writing stages now, but you'll definitely see it sometime in the future....I'll let you know when.

You guys have been nothing but good to me, and its been a pleasure to create this comic for my readers! Laters taters til next time!

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A note to my readers!

Aren't I such a good webmaster? I promised you weekly updates like a month ago and I haven't drawn an original strip since then. The truth is that I'm in a period of drastic adjustment in my life and my comic had to take a backseat, no matter how much I wanted to do it. This past month has been hellish to say the least and I miss my characters dearly.

Well, this week I'm going to make the best effort to get you an update on Saturday. I'm already halfway done with the next comic, and it will be done by this Saturday. I'm still going to continue the once a week schedule until I can get into the groove of updating the comic regularly again. Until then, please stick with me. I know I mislead you all, but I'm making an effort to rectify that. Thank you and see you this Saturday!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Guest Comic by Kyle Lees is up; Still Saturday only updates

Hello everybody. The guest comic was supposed to be up since Saturday, but a simple typo prevented that. I left out the file extension in the image file, so the comic wouldn't update. But now its up, better late then never. I also owe Kyle Lees an apology for getting the comic up so late. You won't believe the real life stuff I'm going through, but now it's up for everybody to see. I have some belated christmas fan art that still needs to be put up, so look for that in Saturday's update along with a new comic. Laters til then folks!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Niece Web to update ONLY on Saturdays until further notice

Hello comic fans. Ever since Christmas, my life has been going freakin' crazy with problems after problems. It's definitely interfered with comic production, which I don't like but it was inevitable. I find myself unable to do a 2x a week update schedule right now, which sucks. So now I'm going to try an 1x a week update schedule. Starting Saturday JANUARY 13th, Niece Web will ONLY update on Saturdays until my real life situation improves enough to resume normal comic production. I'll be on hiatus til then. I hope you guys will stick with me as I go through this difficult time. Laters until the next update everyone, and thanks again for enjoying the comic!!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Sorry about this past week...

Hello everyone. Sorry about the sporadic-ness of the comic the past 2 weeks. I'm in a transition period in my life and the comic has been taking a back seat to present problems. I'm going to take another small hiatus until this Saturday. Also, i'm going to be moving the comic down to 2 times a week now, updating Tuesday and Saturdays. This will start Jan 2nd. So I'll update the site to reflect this change this weekend.

Take care everyone, and see you next update!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The new comic will be up at 6PM and some life news.

Hello everyone! A comic hasn't been updated since like last Tuesday, but finally I've been able to put one up today. So look for it around 6:30PM tonight.

To give you a status on my life, I'm back at home right now. For the past few days, I've been without an internet connection, which is why I haven't been able to put a comic up. Also I haven't been feeling to good, so I haven't been drawing any either until today (since I feel better).

Tomorrow will be a special christmas update this year. I personally won't do a special comic, but I have a few fan art pieces that I'll put up for you guys to view tomorrow. I love them so much, and I know you will too. Meanwhile, I'll have a new comic up for you guys on Tuesday. At some point in the future, I will do an extra 3 comics to make up for all the updates I missed. Later taters til tomorrow!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Niece Web is back in session...

After a small week hiatus, Niece Web is definitely back in session. I made up for lost time and created the 4 back comics from last week. Go ahead to the archives and click on the December 10th comic "Sketchy Muffin". That's where I left off of last Saturday. This little Autumn Egg Bet story is going strong so keep checking in. Later Taters til Tuesday's update!